To discover and realize that the biggest source of happiness lies within our own Self, is the greatest revelation of Life. Chinmaya Mission is that ever-effulgent and glowing torch of the ancient Hindu Dharma, which paves the path for all of us to take this inward journey and realize that Ultimate Happiness which is our very nature itself. Inspired by our motto, we strive to “Give maximum happiness, to maximum people for maximum time.”


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Talks on ‘Ayodhya Kand’ – February 2019

Talks on “Ayodhya Kand – Based on Valmiki Ramayana” – by Swami Abhedananda (Gyan Yagna conducted from 2nd February till 6th

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Going beyond false limits!

– By Swami Abhedananda : Chinmaya Mission South Africa A perfect life is one which emanates the fragrance of freshness

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Setting the Right Goal in Life

– By Swami Abhedananda: Chinmaya Mission South Africa We all are running, huffing and puffing our way from one place

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