Br. Param Chaitanya

On completion of the two year Vedanta Course at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Mumbai – India on 05 September 2016, Brahmachari Param Chaitanya was posted as Acharya to Chinmaya Mission South Africa – Johannesburg Ashram. He has has the grace and blessings of the entire Guru Parampara to have spent almost four years in the study of Vedanta at Chinmaya Mission. He attended

Br. Param Chaitanya

the 15th Batch Vedanta Course for almost a year under the Acharya- ship of Pujya Swami Advayanandaji in Mumbai. A further year was spent at the Chinmaya International Founditation – Kochin , Kerala ; a Centre of Excellence for Samskrit and Research. There further studies were undertaken under the guidance and loving care of the Acharya.

He joined the 16th Batch ( Gurudev`s Centenary Batch ) as a fulltime student until completion in September 2016. Br. Param Chaitanya arrived at the Johannesburg Ashram on the 07th January 2017, after spending some four months basking under the glory, guidance and unreserved love of Pujya Swami Abedhanandaji in Durban. He seeks the grace and blessings of the Guru Parampara and of the loving people of Johannesburg in being a worthy instrument in serving and caring.

He is ever grateful for Pujya Swami Abedhanandaji `s compassion, love and guidance.

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